campaign against visual pollution

Recently I helped a friend of mine to develop a website for one of his school works. The aim of the project was to use a blank visual identity to denounce the over-add society.

As the purpose was to show a small amount of content in one page only, I decided to integrate it in an clear and original way. Technicaly speaking, I thought about a 3D navigation system without being forced to use WebGL. Starting by experimenting with CSS transform property only, I managed to create a carousel-like menu by combining rotations and translations.

alt text

The result is quite simple, it also works with sounds or videos even if there is only animated content on the website. An interesting feature is that the 3D effect also works on mobile devices as it is CSS only. Plus, you can for example play a embed video and then scroll through the carousel to the point where the video is turned backwards, as if you we were looking behind the screen.

website : ad-visory.fr

La Boîte de Pandore

Audio/visual installation project for “studies of interactive objects” class at university back in 2012.

This first prototype version uses a 6 degrees of freedom IMU (ADXL345 + ITG-3200) for transmitting acceleration and rotation data from Arduino to Max/Msp(sound) and Processing(visual) via serial port.

The sensor data is used to move the max/msp buffer playhead for the sound and mapped to rotation and particles position for the visual,
thanks to Memo Akten MSAFluid Processing port.

Wireless support added with Seeed BT Shield in second version :