GRAIN noir x Hexler

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• audio/visual live
• 2019
• Mattatoio, Roma, IT
• Ableton Live / JUCE / Faust / Kodelife / C++
• event page : GRAIN noir x Hexler

GRAIN noir x Hexler audio/visual live coded performance for Live Performers Meeting 2019 at Rome Mattatoio.

Hexler is an independent software developer, musician and visual artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan.
Hexler develops custom software and tools for artists, developers, audio-visual performances and installations.

Custom audio software called Flow, running alongside Hexler’s Kodelife live-code visual software.
Flow’s interface was developped with the cross-platform audio framework JUCE, and Faust for the DSP engine.
Visual shaders are live coded in real time in GLSL with Kodelife, also reacting to audio input.