DiMOPAS - Maker Faire Tokyo 2017

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• exhibition
• 2017/08/05-06
Tokyo Big Sight
• Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Max MSP /
• event page: https://makezine.jp/event/mft2017/
• special site: http://grain-noir.com/dimopas/

DiMOPAS (May Lilyq, NOEL-Kit, GRAIN noir) exhibition at Maker Faire Tokyo 2017.

KIMONO dress
A kimono-based dress that makes full use of 3D embroidery using haute couture techniques.
Full color LED is applied to the whole body, and the color scheme can be controlled from a smartphone using a dedicated web application.
It can also be linked with a Max / MSP sound patch, the amount of light then changes according to the audio volume.
Controlled wirelessly by the Raspberry Pi attached to the waist, it is thus possible to move freely.

MIDI scarf
The MIDI scarf acts as a hardware controller for the TB-303 Max MSP emulator patch, where buttons and faders are sewn on the scarf fabric along with jewels and embroidery.
CUT OFF, Resonance, Filter Enveloppe, Granular mode and DevilFish mode all use the acid bass sound of TB-303.
While wearing it, you can control and play in real time.

Web Application 十二 (Ju-Ni) is a web application that allows to change the dress appearance freely according to the 12 constellations.
The KIMONO dress has a built-in Raspberry Pi connected to RGB full-color LEDs via PWM GPIO pins.
By connecting to the 十二 web application from a smartphone, you can control the color pattern of 160 LEDs throughout the KIMONO dress.
Different modes are available:
CUSTOM: By specifying the three primary colors RED, GREEN, and BLUE, adjust the color to your liking.
LUCKY COLOR: Linked to a fortune site web server, get a lucky color of 12 constellations.
COORDINATE: Expresses color coordination in line with images such as Cute, Sweet, and Cool.
SOUND LINK: Max MSP sound and link can be switched ON / OFF.

Kimono/Embroidery: May Lilyq
Sound: NOEL-Kit
Photo: Masahiro Oda
Movie: Yuma Saito
Model: Yu Ishizuka
Programming: GRAIN noir