Grind Analysts by Yaporigami

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• VJ
• 2015
• openFrameworks
• event page : Grind Analysts by Yaporigami「分析粉砕」

date: 2015/08/13
venue: Dommune, Tokyo, JP
interviewer: Rena Minegishi
starring: Satoshi Hattori (BRDG), Yukitomo Hamasaki (mAtter), Yu Miyashita (Yaporigami)
BRDG - http://brdg.tokyo/
mAtter - http://matter.jp/
Sludges Tapes - www.sludge-tapes.com/
Kezzardrix - www.kezzardrix.net/

Yaporigami x Kezzardrix (VJ)
Yu Miyashita x GRAIN noir (VJ)

DJ :
Yukitomo Hamasaki

Yu Miyashita x GRAIN noir (VJ) live streaming atDommune
Real time visuals with openFrameworks streaming on Dommune for Yu Miyashita live set.
3D mesh generated by sound, speed motion and radius are based on the average line input.
Noise is applied to both cameras orbiting around the mesh and the one tracking its position.
GLSL post processing effects such as DoF and Convolution shader are applied on the rendered scene.
VJ software features custom MIDI controls including dry/wet treshold to sound input, GLSL shaders selection,
camera orientation/position and switches between camera mode.