Beyond Code

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• VJ
• 2015
• openFrameworks
• date: 2015/08/28
• venue: SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, JP
• event page : http://yoppa.org/beyondcode

Kawakami Kohei
久保田晃弘 x Yu Miyashita

比嘉了& Kezzardrix & 丸橋圭太郎
GRAIN noir
VJ 早坂あきら

Nyolfen x GRAIN noir VJ for "Beyond Code" on 08/26 at 六本木SuperDeluxe.
VJ app made with openFrameworks featuring generative visuals reacting to live audio input.
MIDI controls enables to switch between four main applications:
• corridor loop with wave amplitude reacting to audio, vertical camera movements are affected by a noise shader,
forward/backward position and camera rotation are both mapped to MIDI controls. 3D shapes are displayed along the path, each one with different easing functions.
• geometric forms embedded into each other, noise applied to camera and tween functions mapped to zoom movements.
VBO are used to display all the shapes simultaneously.
• particles morphing into shapes and reacting to audio input, camera rotating at a slightly lower rate than the other apps
• various GLSL shaders visual apps