Katsuhiro Chiba x GRAIN noir

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• VJ
• 2015
• openFrameworks / Max Msp
• event page : channel 十 一

Katsuhiro Chiba

GRAIN noir
Shuhei Matsuyama
Yasuyuki Yoshida

GRAIN noir VJ for Katsuhiro Chiba in BRDG audiovisual event Channel 11 at SuperDeluxe.
Real time visuals generated using GRAIN CoLLider made with openFrameworks based on FFT analysis input from Max Msp.
GRAIN CoLLider is a visualization of the frequency domain analysis occuring at a specified time interval.
Each 3D models are converted to VBO Mesh and reacts to one frequency range (low, mid, high), affecting their noise amplitude and vertex position.
During the collision process, meshes get closer to each other forming an equidistant mesh at the center corresponding to the sum of the frequency components.
When the collision ends, the entire spectrum of the sound input processed during the specified time interval can be visualised as a 3D mesh.
The software features custom MIDI controls including dry/wet treshold to sound input, cyan color amount, GLSL shaders selection,
camera orientation/position and switches between camera mode.

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